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Silas’ Swimming Song, Honorable Mention, Freda Walton Award For Fiction, Short Works Prize, 2019.


  • The Present Future: A Critical Examination of Contemporary Science Fiction and its Connection to Current, Historical, and Social Events – Link
  • The Voice of the Arts: Why The Philosophy of the Liberal Arts Are Needed Now More Than Ever Before – Link
  • Fear and The Batman: An Examination of the Role that Horror Plays in the World of the Dark Knight – Link
  • The Dawn of the Cinematic Universes: What Shared Continuity in Film is Telling Us About the Future of Cinema – Link
  • Superweapons vs Supervoices: What the Beliefs and Opinions of Super-Villains Are Telling Us About the Present Day – Link
  • Sidekicks Aside: Is the Concept of a Hero Partner Dying or Returning Slowly to Life? – Link
  • The Days of EC: A Critical Examination of the Pulp Books of the Past and What They Can Teach Us About Our Future – Link
  • Inside the Frontier: What Non-Comic Readers Can Learn From Reading The Star Trek Comics – Link
  • Finance and Comics: Why the World of Trades, Stocks, and Financial Analysis Can Be A Suitable Genre in Comic Fiction – Link
  • Visuals and Styles: The Differences, The Similarities, and The Necessities – Link
  • The Question of Literature and Why Comic Books Deserve to be Classified as Such – Link
  • Take on the Risks: Why a Risk-taking Attitude is Necessary to the Future of Comics – Link
  • Great Jimmy Corrigan: An Analysis of Comic Book Techniques Featured in the Acclaimed Graphic Novel – Link
  • Send in the Third String: An Argument for the Importance of Less Popular Superheroes – Link
  • “Through the Eyes of a Fan”: How Being a Fanboy Changes One’s Outlook Both In and Outside the World of Comics – Link
  • Back to the Grind: Why the Grindhouse Needs to Return…Now – Link
  • And His Name is Scott: Why Scott Snyder’s Work Exemplifies Magnificent Superhero Storytelling – Link
  • Send in the Slashers: Why the Assembly of Cinema’s Greatest Horror Icons Can Make a Successful Movie Franchise – Link
  • Believe the Aquaman: Why the King of Atlantis is the Real Deal – Link


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